At Verinext it’s always been our collaborative approach to partnership that sets us apart. We know that having a customer-centric view in every engagement is what delivers real and lasting value for our customers. And it truly comes from the heart. We are passionate about our customers’ success and embrace their goals as our own.

We are honored when our customers share how much this means to them. Recently our customer Shawn Cardner, Executive Vice President at Grubb Properties revealed how this collaborative partnership approach benefits his organization.

He comments, “Verinext has been a really good partner. If we have any kind of challenge, we can bring them in, have conversations and talk through it. The value is that they really want to come up with solutions that are in our best interest. They really prioritize that and that’s why we are in business with them.”

This customer sentiment makes us proud. Because at Verinext we have always worked to put our customer needs first. It’s our mission to be our customers’ advocates, always recommending what is best for their environment and working shoulder-to-shoulder to solve our customers’ challenges as if they were our own.

Watch this video with Shawn Cardner as he offers his perspective of the value of partnering with Verinext.

The Value of Being “In the Room” with Peers and Experts

Cardner also highlights the value he gets by participating in the CharlotteCIO community. He finds that through this community of peers he gets a great deal of feedback on the vendors and providers other community members use. The peer-based approach of the CharlotteCIO program really does build trust, foster relationships and help participating CIOs gain a leadership advantage.

If you are trying to vet a new vendor, comments Cardner, relying on peer recommendations from the InspireCIO community is a very valuable. He finds there is a lot of synergy between the underwriters, like Verinext, vendors and CIO members that can help guide informed decision making.

If you’re ready to have a conversation to see how we can become a customer advocate for your technology decisions, let’s talk. Drop us a note here.