Accelerate business and empower your competitive edge with Enterprise AI solutions from Verinext & Forty8Fifty Labs.


AI is driving innovation at an unprecedented pace, across every facet of Enterprise IT and the Customer & Employee Experience. Yet, uncovering just how AI can deliver the most value can remain a challenge. At Verinext, our specialists are dedicated to deploying secure, responsible AI in ways that drive ROI, differentiation, and strategic value.

Choosing Verinext as your Enterprise AI partner means gaining a comprehensive perspective of AI’s potential to enhance your business outcomes. Combined with our digital innovation subsidiary Forty8Fifty Labs, our expertise spans all the core functional areas necessary to fuel and accelerate your AI initiatives.

From initial use-case analysis, to developing custom AI applications and modernizing infrastructure for AI workloads, to leveraging packaged AI components to enhance functionality across your technology stack, our team is committed to demonstrating the effective use of AI for strategic advantage, while minimizing risk and complexity.

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Data Platforms: The Center of Your AI Universe

AI is inherently data-driven, making advanced data platforms and robust data strategies and governance essential for any AI-powered enterprise. At Verinext, we specialize in creating scalable, high-performance, and flexible modern data platforms—the engines behind successful AI implementations.

Our expertise extends from the data center to the cloud, ensuring that your AI projects are supported by efficient data management solutions that facilitate:

  • Data Collection and Ingestion
  • Modern Data Storage & Protection
  • Data Transformation and Enrichment
  • Data Classification and Labeling
  • Data Governance and Security
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AI Infrastructure, Modernized

Modern AI and ML workloads require architectures that differ significantly from those designed for general-purpose computing. Effective AI infrastructure relies on a range of specialized components to meet these unique demands:

  • Processing: GPU, CPU, DPU (and specialized/emerging xPU components)
  • High-speed Memory Systems
  • Scalable Storage Solutions
  • Networking and Interconnects
  • Integrated AI/ML Ops Management Software

Futureproofing Infrastructure: Preparing for AI Workloads

As cloud-based AI initiatives move from POC to full production at scale, concerns around cost, security, and latency can develop for certain workloads and datasets, dictating a move to on-prem/edge infrastructure. Through new platforms or infrastructure refresh, Verinext helps organizations ensure their environments are prepared to handle these new requirements.

Our AI Partner Portfolio

Tailored AI Strategies for Unique Business Needs

Every company’s AI needs are unique. By taking a tailored approach to developing your AI strategy, Verinext/Forty8Fifty Labs can significantly enhance operational efficiency, decision-making processes, and customer experiences by leveraging data specific to your organization’s context. This customization allows for the optimization of workflows, predictive analytics specific to industry needs, and the creation of intelligent systems that evolve with the business. Key steps in the AI development process include:

  • Identify Use Cases
  • Assess Systems and Data Sources
  • Develop AI Strategy and Roadmap
  • Model Selection, Fine-tuning, RAG Architecture
  • Prototype Development
  • Production and Deployment
  • Continuous Improvement and Use-case Expansion

Using Verinext’s proven and perfected AI delivery methodology—from strategy, design, and sourcing to engineering and management—we deliver custom AI solutions that are not just powerful but also highly relevant and adaptable to changing business goals.


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Develop Your Workforce ‘Superpower’

Harness the power of AI to transform your workforce, amplifying human capabilities and enhancing operational efficiency. By integrating AI copilots, assistants, and agents from platforms like Microsoft Copilot, Atlassian Intelligence, and NICE Enlighten, we enable employees to shift from routine tasks to strategic, value-driven activities. This shift not only boosts productivity but also fosters innovation, empowering your team to contribute more significantly to business growth. Solutions include: 

  • AI for general knowledge work & collaboration 
  • Outbound and inbound sales and customer service agents 
  • Collaboration and knowledgebase solutions 
  • Augmented software development and DevOps 
  • Natural language documentation, code analysis, code generation, automated testing and more 
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Packaged AI Across the Technology Stack

AI/ML is driving increased intelligence, efficiency and functionality of products and solutions throughout the Verinext/Forty8Fifty Labs partner portfolio.  As advisors to our customers, we continuously assess vendors and their respective offerings to ensure that functionality is ‘as advertised’ and best supports the desired outcomes. 

Verinext solutions architects and engineers leverage a deep understanding of these partners and offerings, including recent and forthcoming AI-driven enhancements. This expertise allows us to help our customers effectively leverage the power of AI across their technology stack and related operations. Examples include:   

  • AI/ML-enhanced Cybersecurity 
  • Intelligent AI-assisted IT Operations and IT Service Management 
  • Advanced Networking and Network Management 
  • AI/ML-optimized Data Storage, Protection, and Management 
  • Contact Center, Collaboration, and Customer Experience 
  • DevSecOps Components and Functions 
  • AI/ML-enhanced Monitoring & Observability 
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AI Cybersecurity, Policy and Governance

Cybersecurity, policy management, and governance are crucial across any AI implementation to protect sensitive data, ensure ethical AI use, and maintain compliance with legal standards. These measures safeguard AI systems from cyber threats, guide their responsible deployment, and manage risks related to data privacy and bias. Effective governance further ensures transparency and accountability in AI decisions.

As a proven leader in security solutions and compliance strategy, Verinext will help you apply AI in the most secure and compliant way so you can realize its value without exposing unexpected security or compliance gaps.


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Collaborative Methodology

Today’s AI applications must be smarter, more intuitive and creatively engaging. The Verinext methodology takes a proven, strategic approach to deliver innovation that improves productivity, saves time and provides data and interactions more quickly. Through collaboration we will transform your business problems into tangible AI-enabled solutions that deliver results at the speed of business.

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