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Leverage the power and potential of automation to meet your business priorities with greater speed and efficiency. Let the automation experts at Verinext be your guide.  

Keeping up with rapid change is a critical technology priority. The most efficient way to remain agile is through automation. By driving repeatable, predictable outcomes and improving business responsiveness and resilience, automation delivers the business outcomes you need while lowering operational costs and freeing critical resources.

A pioneer in robotic process automation, Verinext delivers the intelligent automation solutions that accelerate business and improve efficiencies, end to end. We’ll help you tap into the power of automation to streamline manual processes, deploy infrastructure more quickly and increase workforce efficiency. As a result, you’ll realize business outcomes faster and optimize engagements with your customers, employees and stakeholders.

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Read how to drive faster, more efficient business outcomes with automation.

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Business Process Automation

Today’s customer interactions have become digital experiences. Both customer facing and back-end business processes impact this digital customer experience (CX) and they are traditionally based on error-prone, manual processes. To elevate CX and improve business outcomes, Verinext can help you employ automation using cognitive AI, business process automation (BPA) and robotic process automation (RPA) for enhanced efficiency elevate your business. Solutions include:

  • Automated Customer Service Workflows and Interactions
  • Back-office Automation
  • Help Desk Support Automation
  • Intelligent Marketing Automation
  • Call Center Process Automation
  • HR and Accounting Process Automation
  • Employee and Device Onboarding
  • Password Management
  • Incident Escalation
  • Data Transfer and Update Automation
  • Business Metrics and Reporting Automation
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Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration

Infrastructure maintenance and security management is among the most tedious, yet critical, IT operations priorities. Discover the value of employing infrastructure automation and orchestration. At Verinext, we’ll help you automate infrastructure management processes, eliminating costly human errors and freeing IT resources for other strategic priorities. Infrastructure automation and orchestration solutions include:

  • OS and Patch Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Backup and Restore Automation
  • Expansion and Decommissioning
  • Sizing, Configuration, Provisioning and Maintenance
  • Cloud Governance
  • Workload Configuration
  • Cloud Usage and Cost Control
  • App Containerization, Container Management and Security


Discover how to tap into the power of automation to become more efficient in delivering business outcomes to your customers, employees and stakeholders.

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Managing IT for You

Managing your IT infrastructure takes people and time – resources you likely need for other critical technology priorities. Let the experts at Verinext run your digital infrastructure for you. Our skilled team of managed service professionals will provide the complete monitoring and protection you need to keep data, infrastructure and applications safe, secure and available.

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