Sophisticated cyberattacks which target the endpoint continue to be a major threat, and a significant risk. Ponemon reports that 68% of IT and security professionals said the frequency of cyberattacks has increased in the past 12 months and more than half (51%) said they are not identifying them quickly because their endpoint security solutions are falling short.

This isn’t a surprise. Not only is endpoint security becoming more challenging with an increasingly decentralized and remote workforce, IT and security teams are struggling to have enough resources to keep up with the increasing and steady stream of cyberattacks.

To fill the gap, it’s typical to throw more products at the problem, hoping at least one of them will stop incoming threats. But the problem is, the growing number and sophistication of cyberattacks and the increasing complexity of products to mitigate them, has an already struggling security staff overwhelmed. And the threats continue to break through.

Power of Automation

To solve the problem of too few staff, too many threats and too many products, organizations need to embrace automating security. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, such as SentinelOne Active EDR, can relieve this strain and relief to security teams. Using both machine learning and automation, they can provide prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, and rapidly eliminate threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities. Plus, they can provide complete visibility into the endpoint environment with full context and real-time forensics. As a result, threats can not only be detected, but actioned automatically, including mitigation or even a complete rollback to a pre-encrypted state in the case of ransomware.

How do you know your endpoint security solution has you covered? Consider one that offers:

  • Built-in Static AI and Behavioral AI Analysis. This can help prevent and detect a wide range of attacks in real-time before they cause any damage.
  • Autonomous Operation. This enables the solution to apply prevention and detection technology with or without cloud connectivity and will trigger protective responses in real-time.
  • Fast Recovery. When a threat hits, you need your users to get back working in minutes without re-imaging and without writing scripts. The best solutions should be able to reverse an attack with 1-click remediation and 1-click rollback, so user interruption is minimized.
  • SaaS Management Access that’s Secure. For the easiest operation, endpoint security should be easy to manage via a data-driven dashboard, policy management by site and group and incident analysis that features MITRE ATT&CK integration.
  • Device and Firewall Control. With increasingly diverse device estates, it can also be critical to select an endpoint security solution that will control all USB devices and Bluetooth peripherals, as well as connected computers. Plus, control of network connectivity to and from those devices is also important as is device location awareness. Even rouge devices that are not yet managed should be discoverable.
  • Vulnerability Management. Because today’s enterprises are increasingly complex, select an endpoint management solution that has built in insight into third-party applications so you can remediate those that have known vulnerabilities quickly.

Enhancing Security with a Humanized Approach

For those environments where IT and security staff are particularly stretched thin, the company’s security posture doesn’t have to be compromised. Consider solutions where security detection and response can be managed.

Managed Detect and Response (MDR) services, such as SentinelOne Vigilance MDR, can add an effective human element to the already intelligent AI-based process. This will augment security operations by providing a second set of eyes on the events produced by the automated EDR solutions. This can ensure that every threat is reviewed, acted upon, documented and escalated as needed for the hands-on assurance that comes from industry experts.

Here trained experts jump to action when a threat is detected, analyze the threat applying their professional and experienced judgment and quickly interpret the threat while enacting the necessary actions to mitigate or resolve the issue before users are affected. Often this entire process can get incidents resolved in 20 minutes or less – for the security peace of mind organizations need in this risk-prone era.

With threats on the rise, increasing infrastructure complexity, and workers both in an out of the office, automating security defenses are more vital than ever. Consider taking an automated approach to EDR protection, then combine it with the expertise of a MDR service. This will help solve the challenge of having too little staff, too many threats and too many products.

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