Industry experts estimate that during 2021 there were more than 700 million ransomware attacks worldwide, yet nearly half of business professionals say they are not prepared to combat this type of attack. Ransomware vulnerabilities can stress even the most cutting-edge IT infrastructures. Organizations and individuals can take steps to mitigate and protect their organizations against ransomware, but there is no silver bullet that will solve or defend against all attacks. Securing and stabilizing the infrastructure against ransomware demands expertise, tactics, and professionally managed services.

Verinext and Metallic, a Commvault venture, recently hosted a webinar focusing on how to develop and operationalize optimal strategies and best practices to holistically safeguard an entire IT ecosystem against threats like ransomware. Verinext’s Senior VP of Architecture and Strategy, Ferrol Macon, Verinext’s Principal Security Consultant/vCISO, Daniel Martin, and Metallic’s CISO, Said Syed, participated in this discussion on how organizations can discover the principles behind interconnecting multi-layered defensive data management services and solutions that will enable the organizations to persevere against ransomware attacks.

Watch the webinar here:

Protection with a Cloud-First Approach

In today’s world, success of any organization for ransomware protection requires multiple strategies. One strong option for organizations is to protect critical workloads with a data management-as-a-service solution. By so doing, organizations can mitigate the spread ransomware and other cyberthreats while comfortably meeting SLA, retention and recovery requirements. Organizations can deploy these types of solutions in minutes and manage them remotely. This approach also allows organizations to reduce or remove capital, hardware and infrastructure expenditures while keeping compliant with regulatory and eDiscovery controls.

Verinext and Metallic have partnered to deliver the best-of-breed technologies to address specific challenges related to the fight against ransomware. Verinext’s Backup-as-a-Service leverages a hardened, multi-layered approach to ransomware readiness, providing robust controls to prevent threats and ensure data is highly available and recoverable from cyberattack. With immutable, air-gapped data copies, advanced anomaly detection and built-in encryption, Metallic comprehensively safeguards critical data across apps, endpoints, on-prem and cloud environments. Delivered with the experienced guidance of Verinext experts, Metallic offers industry-leading durability, security, scalability and performance capable of protecting business data from today and tomorrow’s emerging threats.

Listen to this webinar as these three subject matter experts discuss how to develop and implement effective strategies to protect against various targets of ransomware attacks and help you understand the benefits of leveraging managed infrastructure and services for data backup and recovery. These benefits include (but are not limited to) business continuity, risk mitigation and overall lower costs. As part of their discussion, they also explore the security and governance values of the industry’s leading data management solution and highlight the benefits of an easy-to-use backup and recovery SaaS service that is resilient to ransomware.

Watch the complete video here, then reach out if you want to further discuss your strategy to protect your organization against the threats of ransomware.