Verinext implements modern infrastructure for ATA without impacting operational budget.


San Diego, California-based ATA Engineering (ATA) is a provider of analysis and test-driven design solutions that focus on the engineering needs of major manufacturers, addressing their cost, quality and time-to-market engineering challenges.

A recognized leader in the development of innovative test and analysis methods for aerospace and defense structures, ATA is an independent

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provider of modal and dynamic testing of aircraft, military and commercial products, supplying solutions to countries around the world.


Deploy a complete turn-key infrastructure that offered complete operational cost predictability.

After moving into a new, state-of-the-art facility, ATA knew it was time for a technology refresh for its core network, server and storage infrastructure. A company prized for its highly technical approach to aerospace and defense engineering, ATA needed IT infrastructure that would keep up with the high demands of its technical engineering teams. These engineering experts actively use computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided design (CAD) software, which requires high bandwidth and storage capacity.

As a result, ATA’s 100 TB data center with more than 100 virtual machines was growing fast, and an expanding workforce of remote users needed reliable and productive access to data to maintain productivity. Further, with an increasing need to remain compliant and recovery ready, ATA had mounting needs for a reliable disaster recovery strategy to safeguard critical client data and intellectual property to ensure business resilience and maintain uptime availability across the business.

Looking to meet all of these requirements, ATA began to seek a new infrastructure solution. But the requirements had one final criterion: ATA needed to replace its aging systems within its planned operating budget.

Case Study

“ATA is an employee-owned company, and major decisions are approved by consensus,” said Scott Elliott, Senior Systems Network Administrator at ATA. “As such, when new technology investments are needed, we must present a compelling justification that shows long-term value.”

To help meet this challenge, ATA turned to its trusted partner and professional service advisor, Verinext.

“The work ethic of the Verinext team is amazing and their breadth of knowledge is impressive. They ask the right questions to understand our needs – all with a personal touch.”



Verinext deployed a new, modern infrastructure with high-performance to support a growing remote workforce.

Verinext helped ATA develop its requirements for a new, modern infrastructure that would include the redesign and reconfiguration of its core network with faster, higher-capacity HPE 3PAR SAN storage and high-performance HPE Blade Servers. To support ATA’s growing remote workforce, which includes offices in Los Angeles, Colorado, Virginia and Alabama, Verinext also helped to architect a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution with VMware Horizon and Citrix load balancers. The resulting turn-key solution delivered the long-term scalability and performance ATA needed, with a payment structure that kept costs consistent.

ATA has been equally impressed with Verinext’s sales, implementation and support throughout the recent data center upgrade.

“The work ethic of the Verinext team is amazing and their breadth of knowledge is impressive,” said Elliott. “They’ve done it all before. Plus, they ask the right questions to understand our needs – all with a personal touch – and provide superior guidance on what fits and how we can make the solution better.”

“Verinext was able to provide better equipment within our operating budget. They had built a very compelling lease program for all the equipment, with the extra bonus of having everything with one organization.”

 —Scott Elliott, Senior Systems Network Administrator, ATA Engineering

Success Highlights

  • Complete, turnkey infrastructure replacement for higher performance and reliability
  • New virtual desktop infrastructure to support reliable access for remote offices
  • Operational cost predictability with compelling leasing terms


ATA Engineering was able to upgrade its infrastructure within its planned operational budget.

Today, ATA is benefitting from its high-performance environment, and its users, both on site and remote, are realizing rapid access to their centrally stored data through the new VDI workspaces. What’s more, ATA was able to upgrade its infrastructure within its planned operational budget. Verinext delivered a complete, turnkey solution that will fuel the engineering company’s business for years to come.

“The entire project was very smooth, and I knew that Verinext was there to support us each step of the way.”

 —Scott Elliott, Senior Systems Network Administrator, ATA Engineering

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