Reduce the cost and eliminate the hassle of support and software license renewals.


Managing your support and maintenance lifecycle can be one of the most overlooked, and costly, mistakes you can make when it comes to your infrastructure return on investment (ROI). Verinext can make your renewal process easy, and worry free.

Managing multiple vendors, different contract and license expiration dates and varying terms and conditions is a complex and tedious process. However, one missed renewal can create costly service gaps in maintenance and support. Worse, simply automating renewals may have you paying for licenses and services you don’t need.

Verinext has you covered. Our renewal services will manage your support contracts and software license renewals for you so that you are always in compliance and not paying for anything you don’t use. We automate alerts for contract expiration dates and even provide advanced pricing so you can plan renewal cycles with budget predictability. We can even reduce your vendor contract fees by up to 20% through our partner relationships. Get off of the renewal management treadmill and on to more important tasks. The Verinext renewal service team’s got your back.

Renewal Services


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Renewals, Expertly Managed

It’s important for your budget efficiency, and your infrastructure resilience, to not just let renewals run on autopilot. What if you’ve missed a critical software update because a license renewal was overlooked and you’re hit by a cyberattack? Or what if your primary storage system fails and the maintenance renewal just expired? Overlooked renewal deadlines can spell disaster. Verinext will help you avoid these issues with expertly managed renewal services including:

  • Software License Renewals
  • Parts Replacement Renewals
  • Technical Support Contract Renewals
  • Renewal Expiration Tracking
  • Renewal Budget Planning
  • End-of-Life Product Support
  • Vendor Liaison Services

Improving Vendor Support

The vendors behind your critical infrastructure are vital to your business, but there are times when vendor support is not all that it should be. Response-time issues and escalations can set your business back. Verinext has the deep vendor relationships you need across the IT landscape – relationships we can use to your benefit. Working on your behalf, we’ll apply support leverage when critical needs arise so you can have a clear path to resolution.

In the event of environments that must continue to rely on end-of-life hardware and software, Verinext can also guide you to third-party support providers that can give you the coverage you need for out-of-maintenance infrastructure without paying high hourly fees for ad hoc technical support. Our experts are here to advise you on your best support path forward.


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Managing IT for You

Managing your IT infrastructure takes people and time – resources you likely need for other critical technology priorities. Let the experts at Verinext go beyond supporting your digital infrastructure to actually running it for you. Our skilled team of managed service professionals will provide the complete management, monitoring and protection you need to keep data, infrastructure and applications safe, secure and available, no matter what.

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