Data storage is one of the most persistent challenges for today’s IT. There’s no question why. Finances Online reports that in 2022, the world will both produce and consume an unimaginable 94 zettabytes.

Meeting the challenges of data storage is the topic of a recent tech talk video with Joe Vidal, Master Technologist, Office of the NA CTO at HPE and Jason Grant, Director, Storage & Data Solutions at Verinext. The discussion covers the most prominent data storage challenges, and how HPE and Veristor have partnered to help solve them. It also offers an insightful surprise guest (see below for more!).

Watch the video here:

Listen in as Joe and Jason discuss today’s three top data storage challenges:

  1. Unprecedented and explosive data growth. Enterprises today generate tons of data, in different data types, and are retaining it longer. This creates a massive data growth challenge that isn’t going away and has increasing security implications.
  2. Significant operational impact. All this data is creating massive challenges in the data to day provisioning, administration, monitoring and management of stored data. And as environments continue to scale, the operational challenge continues to mount.
  3. The Opex vs. Capex conundrum. Traditionally, storage was a Capex discussion. But today subscription and Opex models are taking center stage. Today’s customer wants to consume things in a cloud-like operating model. But this changes the architecture and approach to make it successful.

Pivoting to Meet Changing Storage Dynamics

To meet these mounting and companies need to be nimble, agile and able to pivot. Just as HPE has done with HPE GreenLake. HPE’s Vidal shares how it has adapted to deliver the edge-to-cloud platform as a service to deliver the private cloud that comes to you. He shares how HPE has positioned itself to own the consumption model space and why partners like Verinext are vital. Veristor can pull together all the parts with the consulting and services that enable modern storage solutions to be delivered as a single cohesive multicloud environment that’s both agile and secure.

Creating data won’t stop. We need to optimize how we store, manage and retain it. And, because bad actors are getting very good at being bad, we need to secure data and data access with confidence. Transformational partnerships like that with Verinext and HPE help guarantee business continuity with security assurance.

Trust Guides Success

Verinext and HPE have partnered to deliver customer trust, with the best-of-breed technologies to address specific challenges all available with HPE GreenLake for edge-to-cloud agility. Together, the companies are bringing the right solutions to customers with a complete tool bag to deliver the secure data platform customers need, as a service.

The importance of trust is something further explored by the video’s surprise guest: Aron Ralston, the subject in the triumphant true story movie “127 Hours.” Listen in as he talks about a life changing experience of being trapped during a mountain climbing experience for 127 hours. Pinned with his arm under a boulder he trusted in the love he had for his family to find the courage to overcome his most overwhelming situation. Hear his personal recount of this incredible event and how he overcame the adversity and survived.

Watch the complete video here, then reach out if you want to further discuss your data storage environment and your needs to pivot to an Opex strategy.