Patented Process for Automating IT Infrastructure Upgrades is Proven Safe for the Entire Enterprise Ecosystem

PHILADELPHIA – November 1, 2023Verinext, the company that delivers transformative business outcomes through technology and services for everything that comes next, today announced that it has been granted a U.S. Patent for its proprietary automation controller for upgrading an IT infrastructure. The proven and patented methodology provides a governance model for automating IT upgrades for minimal downtime and assured security and compliance to mitigate regulatory risk.

Documented as U.S. patent 11,620,122 B2, the Verinext Automation Controller for Upgrading an IT Infrastructure controls the logic and order of operations for enterprise infrastructure updates. The proven methodology ultimately automates complex firmware upgrades and patching for large-scale IT infrastructure to simplify the process for IT teams while limiting downtime and downstream impact to the enterprise ecosystem components. As a result, IT infrastructure can be upgraded more swiftly and seamlessly without creating security or compliance gaps.

“Today’s enterprises have increasingly complex IT infrastructure and as a result performing needed upgrades and patching can have a dramatic and devastating ripple effect if not performed with documented precision,” said Greg Tinker, Chief Technology Officer, Automation at Verinext. “With our patented IT infrastructure automation methodology, customers can be assured that changes made to their environment follow a proven and peer-reviewed process that will limit downtime and ensure security, governance and compliance controls are accurately met. It’s a critical layer of assurance that delivers confidence that only Verinext can provide.”

Modern infrastructure is complex and hybrid. It requires advanced expertise to design, implement, automate and manage the infrastructure that spans all platforms and workloads. Verinext uniquely offers cross-enterprise knowledge, now along with patented methodology, to upgrade, manage and modernize IT infrastructure with precision. For more information visit Verinext’s hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The U.S. patent, which was awarded to Verinext and its inventors Gregory L. Tinker and George Carter, was officially filed earlier this year.

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