A technologist might feel like a kid in a candy store in today’s cloud environments, but that doesn’t mean they should shop like one. Pick virtually any platform, however, and the temptation to do so is real. There’s a lot to choose from, and an IT pro’s geek mode can go into overdrive.

Cloud managed services – whether a cloud database, a fully managed container platform, or simply managed infrastructure – streamline things a bit. There’s less picking and choosing to do because by definition, the cloud provider is taking at least some of that off of your plate with a more turn-key solution.

But even selecting from among cloud managed services options can be a bit of an embarrassment of riches these days. That’s also complicated by the inherently broad nature of the term; it can mean many different things to many different organizations, as Matt DeCurtis, VP, managed operations at Verinext, told us recently.

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