In a hybrid, multi-cloud world, enterprises are evaluating how as-a-service technology can minimize IT complexity and put application modernization in motion. Providing the agility of the public cloud, but with the security of on-premises infrastructure, as-a-service technology is delivering scalability, self-service functionality, and centralized control for a cloud-like experience across the entire IT environment – in on-premises data centers, at the edge, in a hybrid setting, and in multi-cloud environments.

This new approach to IT plays a vital role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, transforming data silos, minimizing complexity and putting application modernization in motion.

Consider these three reasons data and app modernization are so important:

  1. Data powers business. Today’s digital business is fueled by data. BI and analytic apps deliver the insights that make business decisions easier and faster. In traditional data centers, this data insight practice is limited by silos and data disarray that can stand in the way of the unified data that unlocks true value. Infrastructure that supports modern data and apps will facilitate the data sharing and collaboration businesses need to thrive.
  2. IT budgets continue to be constrained. Just one thing in IT continues to remain constant – the need to do more with less. But cost models to achieve this need are changing. Rather than the traditional heavy capital expense to procure, build, manage and maintain data center infrastructure, companies are looking to as-a-service models of infrastructure to lower cost and achieve increased flexibility. By modernizing infrastructure with these consumption-based solutions, it’s easier for IT to develop and launch new applications to power the business.
  3. IT skills gaps limit productivity76% of IT organizations face critical skills gaps. This can seriously impede organizational plans to modernize data and applications. As-a-service models have been designed to overcome this IT skills shortage, simplifying management while speeding the delivery of IT services.

Modernizing with As-a-Service

The on-prem cloud-based model for IT infrastructure means that data and apps can achieve modernization faster and with less IT effort. Cloud-native applications can exist side-by-side with legacy or highly sensitive applications, and everything can be operated, managed, and controlled centrally and securely. This gives enterprises the faster time to value they need to realize the impact of modern data and application infrastructure.

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